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How To Play Cornhole

For Instructions on how to play Cornhole/Bean Bag Toss, please click here

12 "Must Know" Cornhole Terms

1. Ace  -  One Bag on the board.

2. Hanger  -  A bag that hangs over half way into the hole.  Most of the time this bag will drop in for 3 points in subsequent tosses.  Also know as a rim job.

3. Four Bagger - This term describes the action of landing all 4 of your bags on the board.

4. A Skunk - Occurs when you beat your opponent 11-0.  This rule must be stated before play commences.

5. The Swish - A bag that enters the whole without touching any part of the board. Similar to the basketball term "nothing but net"

6. Dirty Bag - Tossing your bag and coming up short of the target, landing on the ground.


From: http://cornhole-games.com/

7. Honors  - The last team to score, has honors and plays first the next inning.

8. The Slider - A bag that lands on the front of the board and slides up and in the cornhole.

9. Blocker  - A bag that lands in front of the hole blocking other players from entering.

10. A Wash - This happens when both teams score the same points in an inning. "We both scored 2 points, so it's a wash"

11. Hooker  - When someone tosses a bag with a Frisbee type toss so the bag hits the board and spins around similar to a bowling ball.

12. Cornhole    - Anytime someone scores a bag in the hole...you always have to yell "Cornhole" as loud as possible!